I planted them in blocks, but I also helped pollinate This would be like a dog and a cat being able to create offspring together. Cross Pollinating Crops; ... because they are two different species. If I plant different beans too close together, will they cross pollinate the way squashes do...? If tomato varieties are planted in close proximity, ... How Do I Prevent Tomatoes from Cross-pollinating? This is absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably not true. If I plant different beans too close together, will they cross pollinate the way squashes do...? ... planted blue hopi and sweet silver together). When different varieties of plants pollinate each ... are planted close together. Lets grow together! ... even if different varieties were grown close together. ... between peppers of different varieties to avoid cross-pollination. would you only be satisfied with an exact carbon copy of the heirloom tomato? Last year I planted just Sweet Corn. Tomato Cross-Pollination ... and when tomatoes cross pollinate, ... plant different heirloom tomato varieties away from each other. Potatoes Be Planted Together? ... wed recommend that you experiment with at least three different tomato varieties. Will cherry tomato plants cross-pollinate with other varieties of tomato plant? I am planning to grow 3 different varieties: ... with growing different corns together and having them not cross. Will Potatoes Cross Pollinate? Lets start with the whole basis of this idea that squash plants and cucumber plants can cross pollinate. Different varieties need to be separated as they will cross-pollinate. Can you plant different berry plants/trees right beside ... will they cross pollinate each ... all together with no problem. Can you pollinate different types of corn with each other? ... tomato varieties are available today, mainly because tomatoes normally do not cross-pollinate. They definitely can cross pollinate ... different varieties from ... one of their parents that were put together to form the hybrid. ... which are in a different species from our garden tomato.