why are polar bears endangered
Polar bears, the first species to be declared threatened or endangered because of climate change, rely on sea ice for hunting seals and raising their young. On the surface it seems that Polar Bears are merely endangered and yet they still have to be saved by cutting greenhouse gas emissions! they will be endangered with extinction) in that time frame. In 2008, the bears became the first vertebrate animal to be listed by the United States Endangered Species Act as in danger of becoming extinct due primarily to global warming. That is why they are called "polar bears" and not "summer bears." Climate models Polar bears live in a very specific habitat. This means that they are being threatened and could face extinction In 2008 polar bears where classified as threatened after much testimony from wildlife conservation groups and facts from scientists indicated extinction is a real possibility. "Polar bears are the first species to become endangered because of global warming. Why Are Polar Bears Endangered? Are polar bears endangered? According to the definition, endangered species are those living creatures which are seriously at the risk of extinction. Without action on climate change, scientists predict we could lose wild polar bears by 2100. ... Finding out more about the lives of Polar Bears as well as why they die can help use to get them out of the endangered status. Other threats to the polar bear population are pollution, poaching and unregulated hunting. These bears are called polar bears. The threat of extinction depends on the predictions about future sea ice conditions. Its not just climate change thats killing this iconic endangered species. ... that goes much further than the Endangered Species Act and the polar bear. The Obama administration reaffirmed Wednesday its decision to designate polar bears as a threatened, not endangered, species, in defiance of the wishes of conservationists who say the bears are in danger of extinction because their A new genetic analysis suggests the polar bear may have survived past climate changes Polar bear cubs are born with their eyes closed, weighing about the mass of a squirrel. Polar bears are endangered because of the following reasons: Climate change is the number one reason why polar bears are now endangered. If you want to know why are polar bears endangered than perhaps you should consider reading it. Global warming is another reason why they're at risk of extinction. Majestic creature of the far north, the polar bear is the world's largest terrestrial carnivore. The Interior Department lists the polar bear as a "threatened" species--one at risk of becoming endangered--due to dangerous declines in their sea ice habitat Polar Bears | Endangered Animals - Duration: 1:29. Polar Bear Swimming (Kids love it) - Duration: 1:59. (CNN) -- Polar bears may be listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because of a loss of habitat that jeopardizes their survival, the Interior secretary said Wednesday. Click the image to expand. However, polar bears are not currently endangered with extinction in Alaska or anywhere else in their natural range. Endangered Animals 1,098 views. Polar Bear Endangered. Their habitat, the Arctic sea ice, ismelting more. The Polar Bear is in a lot of trouble because of global warming. Status. Hunting is on the rise, too. Matthew A. Cronin University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Are polar bears an endangered species?