what should i major in if i like math
Why should a student major in math? Mind Benders? So now I want to be a math major, I decided this last semester, I took Calc 1 (my first math class in college...I hadn't had math in nearly 5 years) and made a B+. SHOULD I BECOME A MATH MAJOR? The Top 10 Reasons to Major in Psychology. I like math, what should I major in? Like, really hard. WHICH DEGREE SHOULD I CHOOSE IF I WANT TO TEACH MATHEMATICS? Looks like Tiger Mom had it half-right: Motivation to work hard and good study techniques, not IQ, lead to better math skills, a new study shows. Is Mathematics the right major for you? If you like math but plan to go into some field that doesn't seem to involve math, a math major can still be a good choice. Like Like. As a math major, what are my options if I leave? Or you can major in mathematics. Yesterday I got an email from a reader who had read this post called What should math ... the math major? Find answers now! I'm not a math or engineering person. I've been heavily debating weather I should tag on a double major in math with my psychology major. It sounds like you did not have a true passion for helping society. ... BS degrees include science and math majors like Engineering, ... dictate what your major should be. Right on, mathbabe! What can I do with a degree in mathematics? Getting Real About Majoring in Engineering. When I first started college I was a French Literature Major, then an English major, but neither one of those really fit me. i too love this math and its questions. We have an list of torrent sites from where you can find some awesome list of websites to watch online movies. What Is It Like to Major in X? What and learn about education and ... What Should You Major In? I like math, what should I major in? If you don't like physics, you can major in economics. I'm a maths lover who love to solve the problems. Is it really the best major choice for you? As a math major, ... What is it like to major in math at Brown? I have not always been the best in math but it is interesting. If you're not interested in performing a great deal of math, ... What can you do with an economics major? 1 Questions & Answers Place. The Best College Majors For People Who Don't Like Math, Because Crunching Numbers Isn't For Everyone No. Find answers now! How do I know if Im good enough to go into math? you can find the list here at techgeekers.com/top-best-torrent-sites so be sharp and find all of them for free. People like its clarity and the satisfaction of knowing when you have the right answer to a problem. No. TestQ's Education quiz page is a great place to answer the question "what should I major in"? Should I major in ... work like analyzing economic ... majors or math majors to do that? Math is hard. I'm very interested in math and science, what careers should I look into ? Economics makes a lot of use of calculus. You might also like actuarial science. The Best College Majors For People Who Don't Like Math, Because Crunching Numbers Isn't For Everyone are also a favorite amongst Math Majors. ... and would like to submit your information, ... should be aware of the major mathematics associations. If you really enjoy math you could be a mathematics major. With this in mind, what type of career options are for someone who like numbers and math? Should I leave math? 1 Questions & Answers Place. Contrary to what you might think, math is actually a pretty solid major. ... What is it like being a math major? If you really enjoy math you could be a mathematics major.