Computer Courses. How Can I Read Just a Single, Specified Line from a Text File? Experts Exchange > Questions > Copy the text (single line) in one file to another text file using vbscript ? I have a text file that has differnt information to be more clear i hav eto say that i have three differnt kind of information. jacob_miw Member Posts: ... strLine ' that will read records from Line 8 to 10 But each line is appended. Home / ASP.NET Forums /.NET Languages / Visual Basic .NET / How ... How do I read a specified line from a text file ... that Visual Basic .NET Forums on Bytes. ... read only a specific line in a text file? Hannes DuPreez demonstrates how to use Google maps in your VB desktop application. Home; ... Each line of text from the array gets written to our text file. Reading text file for specific areas in VB. Writing to specific line in text file. the column name for all the information are ... Text-File Output to specific line. I tired to make this simple as possible. ). Hi, I am trying to open a txt file and read a specific line from the file using Visual Basic e.g. Visual batari Basic Guide The faster, easier, more fun way to make Atari 2600 games with bB. This is the snippet Read a File Line by Line - and More. Home Visual Basic. the '01'? 0. As you can probably figure out for yourself, the first time through the loop were going to read the first line in the text file and store that value in the variable strLine. Visual Basic Language http://social.msdn ... You can't 'replace' text in a text file. This part of the Visual Basic tutorial covers input & output in Visual Basic. This topic lists key feature names for each version of Visual Basic, with detailed descriptions of the new and enhanced features in the lastest version of the language. We will write a small class that will take the file that you have loaded and number of lines you want to load. Visual Basic reading text file into array - 12 replies; Chapter 2 Introduction to the Visual Studio .NET IDE 87 2.1 Introduction Visual Studio .NET is Microsofts Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creat- Freeware / Free VB Projects Visual Basic VB Source Code ActiveX Controls COM Components Form Resize VB Form Resizer Print Control Print retrieve a specific line in text file. Free Visual Basic .NET Course. on FreeVBCode. ... how do I read the 3rd line of the text? Hello I would like to read a file and display certain lines ( like from line 5 to 10) ... delete the specific lines of text file using java code - 3 replies; This writes a line of text to the file surrounding it with ... 'Open the text file in a Read State Why Microsoft abandoned Visual Basic 6.0 in favour of Visual Basic .NET Read a text/log file and search for specific ... look for a specific string within a text/log file. The Code This example reads the contents of a text file, one line at a time, into a string using the ReadLine method of the StreamReader class. This Article will show you how to read a line in a text file. Although Visual Basic 6.0 stores strings internally as Unicode(UTF-16) it has several limitations: Ships with ANSI only controls (Label, Textbox, etc.