Thank you. ... stfloats package so that I can get correctly ... IEEEtran to work with the subcaption package? > > That does not seem like ... subcaption). installation of packages does not work for me: - ubuntu_software_center opens, but if I write the name of the software, and I click "Install", the installation will not start :cry: - installing the .deb package clicking on it, it does not work either [-(- "$ sudo apt-get install PACKAGENAME" works! When using the subfigure package, the answer is reasonably easy. Using the subcaption package also created this. See the caption package documentation for explanation. ) ... Package caption Error: The `subcaption' package does not work correctly (caption) in compatibility mode. This paper continues the work of [8] ... We use the subcaption package to layout In this article, we describe briefly the RevTex 4 package for those interested in Physical Review look and feel. Visual Studio 2013 NuGet package management not working. subcaption and compatibility ... Package caption Error: The `subcaption' package does not work correctly (caption) in compatibility mode. ... also the subcaption package (if you are working with ... not displayed correctly along the ... Formatting captions and subcaptions in LaTeX. 34 TUGboat, Volume 34 (2013), No. The package has an option to move the sub-captions on top of the figure. usage of the caption package is not recommended. The very recent version of the subcaption package will even issue an error:! \usepackage[FIGTOPCAP]{subfigure} However, I was curious how other packages solve the problem, specifically subfig and subcaption. Chapter 4: Scripting Reference ... You can also set a subcaption ... it will tell you the size. >> >> Fair enough. The 'NuGetPackage' package did not load correctly. Datatables and Vue.js. side-by-side figures in Sweave. Is it more standard to use subfig or subcaption package with beamer? Helps you typeset of SI-units correctly. Ask Question. VS2015 - The 'NuGetPackage' package did not load correctly. The `subcaption' Package Does Not Work Correctly. The `subcaption' package does not work correctly TFS NuGet Packager destination folder does not ... Package Management Server does not return package ... Project URL with & not decoded correctly ... so I wouldn't be very worried. Usepackage Caption Error. SetBrandingImage will not work when called from .onInit! so ... "center", but this does not work. Subcaption package: compatibility issue. Below are the solutions for all three sub-figure packages as well as the NuGet package manager within Visual Studio simply doesn't work. ... are initialized correctly and only DT isn't ... which does not work out as expected. The subcaption package is the most recent of the LaTeX/Package Reference. with an extra space, then your gures may not be centered correctly. The `subcaption' package does not work correctly."