How can I remove data older than 6 months from the Application Metering SQL database ... /** Show how much app metering data is older than 180 days **/ select count(*) So you probably get better answers in the Transact SQL forum. Trying to load only dates greater than a date. Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language that provides an interface to relational database systems. When I select date in SQL it is returned as 2011-02-25 21:17:33.933. SQL for Tivoli Storage Manager Useful SQL Statements for TSM 08/20/2016. hello, i want to search the rews who dateCol inculde date older than today dateCol is datetime type. the table has a ... older than 10 days should be before the calculated date. Currently getting the following error. Date: May 26 2003 12:44am: ... (14) field called added, I need to select where that field > is older than x days. Select dates greater than today I am using this code to try to select dates that are greater than today. ... Now we want to select the records with an OrderDate of "2008-11-11" from the table above. The #1 SQL Server community and education site, with articles, news, forums, scripts and FAQs. tabel A name pdate status abc 2008-06-01 P abc 2008-06-04 P This page has a collection of useful SQL statements for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). SQL##f - SqlState: 22008 ... SQL SELECT * FROM "Live PSA".dbo.Job. Delete files on a fileshare leaving behind files not older than n-days. What is SQL and where does it come from? The SQL language is subdivided into several language elements, including: Clauses, which are constituent components of statements and queries. ... Keep up to date ... Delete files older than n-days via T-SQL. Would you pls teaching me how to select /delete data where datadate is older than 3 days of today from table, the date format is yyyy-mm-dd. Good day all, I'm developing a small script that has to check if an entry from a MySQL database is at least older than 10 days from now. For example queries to delete MySQL/MariaDB rows older than date, or perform date comparison operations, check out the examples. I've got a standard date format in a column called 'lastUpdated This post is inspired by a question I was asked by a colleague. Hi, This is a transact SQL question, not an Analysis Services question. I want to find records in a (Oracle SQL) table using the creation date field where records are older than 30 days. Currently getting the following error. Hi, I would like to be able to select all records from a table where the date is greater than one year from todays date. Hi, I'm needing to retrieve all records that are older than six months from a database. A blog about IT workload optimization, performance, IT efficiency and SQL PDW. TSQL command to delete backup files older than N hours up vote 6 down vote favorite Can anyone please help me with a TSQL commmand to delete backup files older than N hours? MySQL select all the entries older than 10 ... Actually I'm using this sql ... older than 10 days should be before the calculated date. more or less, how can i get date? Trying to load only dates greater than a date. SQL Working With Dates ... SQL Date Data Types. But I need only the Date part, that is 2011-02-25.