Sometimes it is desirable to pin a file on the taskbar. Hi, this is perhaps more a Windows 7 question so I might need to go elsewhere. 0. Launch Excel, then find the file TAXES.XLS. This makes the Windows 7 Taskbar even more versatile and useful. That should then add a file icon to the taskbar. In the case of Excel it means that a second Excel icon appears on the taskbar. Then select a file and Open. Can I pin a file to the taskbar in Windows 7? I have an excel workbook which I am starting to use frequently. When you pin the shortcut to the taskbar, the File Explorer icon appears instead of actual folder icon. I would like to pin Thats all it takes. ... pin a file/folder to the taskbar? User is not local admin. up vote 3 down vote favorite. Drag the extension onto the Windows Taskbar to pin it. 2. One of the greatest improvement in Windows 7 is the taskbar. When you select the pinned file icon, it should open with software How to pin any folder to the taskbar, on the desktop, in modern versions of Windows: ... (in Windows 7). 2. How does the pin to File Explorer option work? Lets say you want to pin an excel file to the Windows 7 taskbar. Follow the steps given in this video to modify the 'Send To' Menu in Windows 7pin a file or folder to the taskbar in Windows 7 . All the pined shortcuts have disappeared. ... press and hold or right-click the app and then tap or click More > Pin to taskbar. This can be useful if you like to have very fast access to a special file again and again. When you close a program, its taskbar icon disappears. 1 computer still works. Pin files to taskbar. You can now pin applications to the taskbar and launch it with a single click. Hey all - I have pinned several often used excel spreadsheet templates to the excel icon already pinned to the Taskbar. On a fresh install of Windows 8, windows file explorer is already pinned to the task bar on the desktop. Right-click the icon for the program where you placed the file Computer is in a domain. 1. To do this, drag the Microsoft Excel 2010 icon that youve either pinned to the Windows Start menu (see the preceding section) or that youve added as a shortcut to the Windows desktop and drag and drop it into its desired position on the Windows 7 taskbar. If I can, how? ... Excel workbooks pinned to taskbar on Win 10 disappeared. Excel is pinned in taskbar and yesterday (if you right-clicked) it had many shortcut-sheets pined to it). Does W10 allow pinning files to any Taskbar icons, specifially EXCEL and WORD and /or any others. One of the greatest improvement in Windows 7 is the taskbar. OS is Windows 7 with Office 2010. Awhile back I discovered that I could no longer pin programs to my task bar. If you dont want it to disappear, right-click it and select Pin this program to taskbar (Windows 7) or Pin to taskbar (Windows 10). Left-click or right-click on the file itself, then drag it onto the Excel taskbar program icon. How to pin apps to the taskbar in Windows 10. ... Excel, or PowerPoint so you ... Pin to Startpins the file to the Windows Start pane. For example, I have a password protected .ODT file that I use to manage login information. How to 'Pin to taskbar' Folder and Drive in Windows 10 Information When you drag a folder or drive on the taskbar, ... How to Pin any File to the Taskbar in Windows After you pin an Excel 2010 icon to the Windows 7 taskbar, the button appears on the Windows taskbar each time you start your computer, and you can start Excel