A Low-Profile 10-Meter Antenna Put this simple whip antenna on your roof and have fun! I cut off a total of 2 inches to get the SWR down to l: 1. swr meter, how to use, swr, ... SWR Meters & Readings Explained ... as it's down to you to install it right, and get a low SWR. More than 5,000 sold! I can't figure this out, and believe me, I've tried. Terlin Antennas getting SWR down; Terlin Antennas getting SWR down. You can also Google Bonding wire or strap although I'm not The WorldwideDX Radio Forum was LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter by N8LP Unbelieveable performance, sophisticated design, unheard of features. ... How low can the SWR be brought down to? Setting and Correcting SWR. Ideally it is nice to get the SWR to 1.1:1, but practically a 1.5:1 works just as well. Confused about SWR and unsure why tuning your CB antenna is really important? I am mounting an Orbitor Antenna with a gutter mount to my Discovery's gutter at the back. Used with the ... the rig that shuts down power when it sees a high SWR. Simply the best! Simple SWR Indicator for QRP, just a ferrite, a wire and a LED. NewSuperAntenna is the Official Super Antenna Systems Corporation website. 1. I've got a Cobra 19 DX IV radio going to a 3 foot fiberglass antenna mounted on the steel armadillo mount for the WK Jeeps. Tuning Your Antenna ... SWR or Standing Wave Ratio is a ... as much free space around them as you can get. Can't get SWR on 102 whip below 2.0:1. While dipoles are very efficient antennas, they are not the only way to go. Manufacturer of HF portable antennas and VHF-UHF antennas. So, if you get a 1:1 swr you most likely have a poor ground. Understanding SWR by Example ... the concept will get you pretty far. SWR stands for Standing Wave Ratio and VSWR stands for Voltage Standing Wave ... SWR and Tuning Antennas. Originally Posted by SnowdogMarc View Post Most radio shops will have it as well as NAPA. THE REAL SWR PAGE! ... get a tuner at all costs just to get rid of that last little bit of swr. We specialize in TDRs, VNAs, SWRs & more for markets from medical to aviation. End-fed wire antennas. Setting the SWR of Your Antenna ... thus showing a lower SWR on the meter. I have recently purchased a Cobra 29LX EU And Set it all up but I cannot get the SWR to a level I can actually use it. To explore SWR further, ... is a resistive axis that is down the middle of the chart, AEA Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF & cable test equipment. High SWR Troubleshooting Guide In this guide, we walk ... Few things can get under your skin as much as a stubborn SWR issue that you just can't seem to pin down. How low can the SWR be brought down to? Hi, I have an issue with high SWR. MFJ-828 Digital SWR Watt Meter Review. The first time you see the MFJ-828 ($229.95) you can immediately tell this isn't your typical SWR / Watt meter. We discuss both issues so you understand WHY it's important for a successful installation. WHAT IS SWR? The basic idea behind tuning a CB antenna is to get the SWR to a suitably low reading. The Super Antenna SWR and TRANSMITTERS ... that DX station you are looking to get into ... transmiter starts shutting down power. 5. The antenna sticks up a The object is to get the SWR the same on channels 1 and 40, AND below 3. This is accomplished ... adjust the top whip up and down. Hi all, I can't get my SWR down below 10 on any channel on my New set up on my 13 JKU. Ideally it is nice to get the SWR to 1.1:1, but practically a 1.5:1 works just as well. Hi guys, I tried my first vertical, and it's been very disappointing, to say the least.