how many more expansions after legion
... and provides more areas to make each class and specialization ... (after Legion)? ... of having a new continent worth 10 levels, we'll be getting an entire new planet that ought to be worth 20 levels or more. World of Warcraft devs explain how Legion takes us to ... Do you think Legion has been one of your more successful expansions ... And so many more ... Robinson also stated that theres many more Method, a guild recognized by many as the best in the game, did the deed today, after nearly a week of nonstop attrition and setbacks. In Legion, theyre bringing ... and probably will for many more years. WoW's Next Expansions Already Planned ... Chilton didn't share any further details about what might come after Legion. ". ... thin and the more it happens the more insincere it feels. But there's more to it. Expansion after Legion? What does the future hold for World of Warcraft expansions? The content of an expansion is usually not available to anyone who does not own the expansion. The World of Warcraft community is embracing Legion as a solid expansion, and loads of players have come back to renew their subscriptions. After Legion, where do you think WoW will go next? It was already stated that they are working on the expansion after legion and have many ideas and concepts for ... another threat even more dangerous than The Legion. With the r With the Legion expansion, World of Warcraft enters its endgame. ... Blizzard has talked about how many more expansions we can expect. News. Blizzard Talks About Upcoming World of Warcraft Expansions After Legion. WoW Factor: Where do we go after WoW Legion? Perhaps more interestingly, they also say that "launch-week player concurrency climbed to its highest point since the 2010 launch of Cataclysm." For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How many more major expansions will we get? What are your ideas on the expansion after legion. It seems like many important lore ... After Legion: - At least, 3 more expansions - One or two more races - After Legions Release, Blizzard Promises for More Antagonist in Future Expansions. ... like that will happen in the next 3 upcoming expansions at least. World of Warcraft: Legions artifact weapons wont carry over ... though by the end of the expansion many players felt burnt out on ... More From Polygon. Let's go one step more and assume that this will be the fact ... 4 Possible World of Warcraft Expansions After Legion - Duration: 9:22. Home. WoW's Next Expansions Already Planned ... "We do have more expansion packs planned already." Chilton didn't share any further details about what might come after Legion. would be a ... and discuss more on WoW? World of Warcraft: Legion's final boss, ... boy, it's likely that we'll learn more about exactly how the fight unfolded in the near future. How does World of Warcraft's Legion expansion compare to previous expansions?