128 Contributions. Can I get into Berklee Music School? is totally right. All students at Berklee College of Music study a principal instrument and will ultimately select a major in their second semester. So my audition for Berklee is coming very soon and i'm becoming very anxious about whether or not i'll be able to make it. Founded in 1945, Berklee College has grown into a major destination for students entering the popular music field. Check our answers to Is Berklee College of Music in Boston hard to get into for Music Production? I have less than a year to learn SOMETHING, and i'm afraid i wouldn't get accepted because i know nothing about reading music. Me, I got into Berklee, with not one, but TWO prestigious scholarships. It is not all that hard to get into Berklee. Calculate Your Chances of Getting In with this free tool from Cappex. Looking to build a career as a music producer? ACT: 26 Male ... How hard is it to get into Berklee College of Music? Rock Bands in CT Rock Bands & Bios, Band Website Links, Rock &Roll Bands, Progressive, Country, Classic, Hard Rock, Acoustic, Alternative, Modern, Pop, NONE. I know that they require you to sight read in the audition. NOT some stoner at the local music Music Scholarships. Berklee College of Music - Niche. ... Is it hard to get into Berklee on trumpet? I am in Grade 10 and starter learning the drums late last year. - we found 14 replies and comments relevant to this matter. Answer Questions. How hard is it to get into Berklee school of music? How hard will it be for me to get into Berklee? Attending college is one of the most important decisions for any young musician. Music is something i've always wanted to pursue a career in. ... of students agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes.62 responses. Share to: Rivfosteve. ... took Psychology as a college course ... Is it hard to get into berklee school of music? The main problem i'm having is music theory. Yo guys A.B. Oct 14 2012 Music - Composition/Theory The audition process is a prepared piece, a couple improvised pieces, some ear training, sight singing, sight-reading, and an essay and interview. The mission of Berklee College of Music is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career. Anyone have personal experience w/ Berklee? Explore Berklee College of Music reviews, rankings, and statistics. What do I need to get into Berklee College of Music with a scholarship? Whether it is performing on stage or simply singing in the shower, we believe everyone is a musician! The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever. ... How much does it cost to get into Berklee College of Music? ZIP. Answer Questions. As you prepare to be a college music major, make the most of musical opportunities during high school. I want to get into Berklee College of Music. 70000 Edit. Wesley Morris brought home a violin at age seven. Admissions Data (2016) Berklee College of Music Acceptance Rate: 34 percent ... How can I get into the Berklee College of Music? ... Get started with our online admissions portal. You need to GET GOING and learn to read music - both treble and bass clefs - and concentrate on EITHER bass or guitar. How hard is it to get into these music colleges? You yourself said you need to find a REALLY GOOD TEACHER - that means someone minimally with a degrees or more in music, and a certified teacher is better. Will You Get In? Check out our hand-picked selection of We've been hard at work on the new YouTube, ... HOW TO GET INTO BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC YouTube; Berklee Cribs, Where You Living? Unless you are REALLY good! Music Producing. I honestly wasn't expecting to get in when I heard some of the people auditioning around me. ... want more information ... no His parents had some raised eyebrows at his choice of instrument. I'm a female guitarist, and I've been playing guitar for around 5 years. ... How hard is it to get into Berklee College of Music? People that work hard never get anywhere, and those who dont do shit have the system figured out and have all the success.