If your school district has a special computer-math-sciences high school/program, I would suggest that you find out what the pre-requisites are for Computer engineering is a unique blend of skills for developing hardware and software. Algebra I or Geometry; English I; Physical Science; Other required classes; Grade 10. Comprehensive source of information about the engineering college at Rutgers. Can I take a course at HippoCampus for credit? Computer science courses taught by Hlne Martin at Garfield high school in Seattle, WA. What High School courses should I take to ... What High School courses should I take to become a Software Engineer? For physics, consider AP physics B to be like a better high school physics course; AP physics C may be accepted Maybe youre thinking, Just let me get through college first! Although state laws and high school offerings vary, there are certain core classes most high school students have to take. IT engineering and computer engineering? Golden Bell Award Winners at YHS. Learn about the online engineering degree by visiting our website. Students preparing to enter college to study engineering should plan to take as many math and science classes as possible. Are there any fees to take your courses? As a student in computer science, you will be required to have the equivalent of 6 credit hours of freshman writing courses, 6 hours of Writing Intensive courses, and a public speaking course. Learn about job growth, training, degree programs and more. What are the most important classes for high school students to succeed in software engineering? The following high school classes are recommended for students considering a career in engineering: Grade 9. In any case, the minimum preparation for engineering is precalculus (so that you are ready to take calculus) and high school physics. Taking calculus if you complete precalculus before senior year is highly desirable. Includes staff and class pages, calendar, and lunch schedule. Take physics and chemistry. The number of engineering majors is increasing, so competition will be stiff. What are the most important classes for high school students to succeed in software engineering? For electrical engineering, the most important high school classes will be math and physics, so take as much of those as you can. The Computer Science course will also help depending on which EE track you end up choosing. Take as much high-level math in high school as ... school to prepare for a Computer Science major in college? Your school guidance counselor can help you to plan your school schedule such that you enroll ... (so that you are ready to take calculus) and high school physics. The most important thing students can do to prepare themselves is to challenge themselves in high school. ... Also consider a computer programming course. Engineers work in several settings such as architectural and engineering services. what classes should i take in high school for engineering? How do I enroll in a course at HippoCampus? http://www.concordia.ca/content/concordia/en/academics/graduate/electrical-engineering-phd Hi Tierra I dont know what classes your high school offers, but I would suggest taking whatever computer design and programming classes they offer as well as Math and science classes. A degree in computer engineering enables a professional to design hardware and software for computers. #1. High School Classes for Engineering-Bound Students Plan now to take math and science classes that prepare you for the future. IT engineering and computer engineering? Concordia University.