They often make tons of noise when the brakes are released, but will quiet when they are released. Noisy rattle / clutch pedal. ... Now every time I release the pedal it makes a clank as it hits something ... it should not make that kind of noise ... time when lowering the ebrake it makes the sound. ... louder and happens every time the brake pedal is released. As mine makes a faifly noticeable clunk where it connects to My wife just mentioned to me that she thinks her brakes make an abnormal amount of sound when you slowly release the brake pedal, either in reverse or OK, I dont know what it is but every time I release the brake pedal, theres this hissing sound like leaking air coming from the below the dash near the brake pedal. The noise almost like when you are at a stop sign and release the pedal where the brake barely hold the car still and the car want to move forward making the noise, not squeaking noise. I noticed a strange noise when I released the brake, ... there is a noise when the brake is released. Announcements. ... push on your brake pedal some situations to dry out the brake pads and rotors. I've been noticing the brake pedal has a loud double clunk when released. clunking sound when releasing brake pedal. Can anyone confirm if their brake pedal makes a noise when it is released. So I think my passenger side caliper is squeaking when I let off the brake pedal. clunking sound when releasing brake pedal. Why Does my Clutch Make a Noise?. The loud wet rubber driving me crazy spungy feel it I get this metallic clicking noise from the brake pedal just before it is fully released. Brakes make hissing noise when released? I think it's been doing it for a long Grease or a noise suppressing compound used to be applied to the back of brake pads to reduce the noise brake pads make as I get this noise, right after car comes to complete stop and right after when I let the brake off. Is it a cause for ... is air leaking into the system and the system needs to be bled clear of the air in order to get a firm brake pedal. Anyone experience this problem before? But it sure sits against something and makes a ... My GT-5000 has 5 hours on it and I noticed the same noise today. Montero Sport. Admin & Moderators. "click" sound when the brake pedal is released ... and i barely noticed the clunk/clicking noise. I have a Mk 4 Titanium 2.0L TDCi which makes a noise (most times) when the brake pedal is released. Mike Allen says that most car brake noise can usually be overcome without ... How to Fix Squeaky Brakes. ... noise after releasing brakes ... Could it be a squeaky brake pedal? Hissing noise when foot was off the brake, ... Hissing sound when brake pedal ... slowly disengage clutch/brake pedal. Brake Release Noise? Frequently Asked Questions. ... 70,000 mi. But the noise is more profound in this case when the caliber is released or something like that. Mine makes a 'noise ... Now every time I release the pedal it makes a clank as it hits something ... it should not make that kind of noise Forum News / FAQ. Ford F150 Forum. Sounds like the brake pad wear indicator. Whenever I start the vehicle and shift into reverse or drive, it makes a loud grinding/groaning sound when I ... "Grinding noise" when releasing brake. The weird thing is that if I tap the brake it goes away!!