A common tasks on a dual-monitor setup is moving windows from one screen to the other. I hope the good AHK team is working on a way to work efficiently with Windows 10's virtual desktops. Latest ASUS drivers and more fixes. I would like to have something like this in Windows 10. MS Paint, the first app you used for editing images, will probably be killed off in future updates of Windows 10, replaced by the new app Paint 3D. This works great for moving windows between virtual desktops in Windows 10. Is there a good way to change the hotkeys in windows 10 for the virtual desktop switcher? Youre on vacation, and youve got your camera out at a well-known tourist spot where everyone and their mother has snapped the same pic over and over. Solution to ASUS Smart Gesture touchpad not working after upgrading to Windows 10. Detect how many are open. Top. I have written a small AutoHotKey script to switch virtual desktops in Windows 10. Add Virtual Desktop Manager program to see which one you are currently using. Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer is an AutoHotkey script which adds some useful features to Windows 10 64-Bit Virtual Desktops. Malware Removal ^ The following tools complement your antivirus application What Security Software Should You Be Using in Windows 10? Want to know how to manage multiple virtual desktops in Windows 10? My mouse, Logitech MX Performance, SetPoint doesn't support windows key. The following code defines a function switchDesktop which will toggle back and forth between two virtual desktops in Windows 10. Although memorizing which shortcuts do which functions can be a little daunting at first, it's important to remember not everyone needs to know every shortcut. Windows 10 introduces virtual desktops, some sort of equivalent of Mission Control on OS X. Module Description Developer Source Updated; AutoSwitcher: This module will autocycle through your desktops until you stop it. Computer tip for creating an AutoHotkey script to create keyboard shortcuts to switch to any of your Virtual Desktops in Windows 10. After switching, Ive found Windows 10s built in Virtual Desktops to be very I recently switched to Windows 10 to use the new Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer is an AutoHotkey script which adds some useful features to Windows 10 64-Bit Virtual Desktops. Close them with a Possibly it will not run Windows 7 (many new computers do not run Windows 7). It can manage up to four desktops. That is a new machine designed for Windows 10. windows10DesktopManager - An autohotkey desktop ... Windows 10 Virtual Desktop ... bit version of the Autohotkey executable to reliably send windows to other desktops. Yod'm 3D is a virtual desktop manager that uses a 3D rotating cube to visualize the change-over of desktops. This quick Windows keyboard shortcut makes it easy. In Dexpot (which is great software, but has issues on Windows 10) you can switch desktops by hovering cursor over taskbar and using back/forward buttons on mouse. Microsoft is experimenting with bringing the browser tabbing experience to all apps in Windows 10, including File Explorer. For a beginner, getting into scripting can be very intimidating. However, there are some major benefits to using scripts on your Windows 10 PC.