This is a Well pretty straight forward are gaming mouses and keyboards worth it for serious gaming like bf3?Is there a noticable difference if i went to a corsair keyboard So, is a gaming chair worth it? In my opinion, Cherry MX Red offers the best experience in both gaming thanks in advance.. The mouse makes gaming way better because it's ergonomic, highly customizable, high quality, and awesome looking. just look at quake, cs, and starcraft players - they all have generic keyboards. More about gaming keyboard worth Matt S May 13, 2013, 9:25 AM Just get a simple keyboard, gaming keyboards are just given a fancy name and they don't actually have any special features that would make gaming easier. Rolling with a naga epic from razor and ill never use another mouse again. A "gaming" keyboard is pretty much a rubber dome keyboard with macros and pretty lights. Worth it relative to what? The keyboard is tenkeyless and way easier to type They use a plastic switch which have different typing characteristics. While Robert has a point, paying $50 for a mouse gets you the quality of a $50 mouse, whether or not you need the features of a gaming mouse is the real question. If youre still one of the unfortunate souls gaming on a cheap membrane keyboard, you really are doing yourself a disservice. Not so much with gaming keyboards but buy a gaming mouse for sure. For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is a mechanical keyboard worth it? I've always used just normal old keyboards and was wondering if a gaming keyboard is worth the money for gaming. the only factor that can affect a keyboard's functionality is the number of keys you can hold down at once. Today we are gonna review the budget A4Tech Bloody B318 LK, we are gonna discuss the pros & cons, we will see if this keyboard is worth it or not. I play in a 5.1 Home Theatre by the way. This is answer to Why do gamers love to use mechanical keyboards? ". I just wanna know if spending a $100 on a keyboard is worth the money ... Are gaming keyboards worth is? The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming Mechanical keyboards offer varying advantages over those made of plastic and membranes. The best gaming keyboards allow for much deeper travel, so you never have to deal with accidentally killing your teammate because you punched him in the back of the head instead of crouching. will i notice anything different as far as performance or anything? Ill be honest with you; your keyboard doesnt really affect your gameplay that much. We've scoured all the ads and rounded up the best Black Friday gaming deals. Whats up all, is it worth buying a gaming keyboard? First time PC gamers might be tempted to go for a cheaper keyboard and mouse to save money but I would strongly advice against it. as other have said, keyboard makes no difference whatsoever. i was looking at a "Logitech gaming G11" which goes for $58.99 at, right now i have a standard Logitech keyboard which i paid $19.99. as for mice, just get whatever feels nice in your hand. A mechanical keyboard on the other hand is a master piece of equipment. Two important things to keep in mind are: An office chair is usually more comfortable overall; An office chair is usually cheaper and offers better value for your money; Thats not to say that gaming chairs are uncomfortable far from it. It all depends on your requirements and preferences. Basically, normal cheap keyboards have rubber under the key and mechanical ones well... dont. The act of building a great gaming rig isn't just about finding the most powerful processor, a capable graphics card or massive amounts of RAM. ... Are Gaming Keyboards Worth It. This is coming from someone who has never touched a So are these supposed gaming keyboard worth it?