Postpartum sex tips for new parents getting used to their new relationship and sex after baby. I too had to have stitches. Postpartum perineal pain. Postpartum Afflictions Postpartum Tummy. or ... them out at your 6 week checkup. I just started my period today. Still having problems 'down there' 6 weeks post partum! Wondering when you can have sex after the birth? my stitches took almost 6 weeks to disolve. Whether you tore during delivery, pushed for hours or had a quick and simple vaginal birth, we've got your must-read guide to postpartum care and recovery. I have a stitches. Postpartum stitches ... normal to still have stitches down there after 5 weeks? I had a period after my 1st child for about 4 weeks so it was about 5/6 weeks when i tried to have sex again. the 1st attemp was painful and my partner had to stop but on the 2nd attemp we used alot of lube and it felt ok. it took about 6 months for sex to go back to being "good" to be honest. Still having problems 'down there' 6 weeks post partum! 6 week post partum check up? Who needed stitches and then how long ... prob why. ... but I still have extra ... but I can tell you that a separation of two finger widths is normal at six weeks postpartum. My stitches have not yet completely dissolved. I had a vaginal delivery and a 7 lb 15 oz baby, 3 stitches and it is still quite painful to go to the bathroom. Postpartum stitches care - 4 weeks post partum, had a tear but midwife said stitches were not needed I have a cut/slice that is very near to anus should I be concerned? I did not have sex until the 7 week mark and it was a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. I had a vaginal delivery and a 7 lb 15 oz baby, 3 stitches and it is still quite painful to go to the bathroom. . episiotomy still not healed 7 months on? I am 17 weeks pp . I also had a bleeding and cramping when I started walking (around 4.5 weeks pp), and at my 6 week checkup my Doc told me I had done too much too soon, and to slow it down. . If you have stitches they will become ... 3 weeks: If your lochia is still ... your aerobic capacity increases up to 20 percent in the first six weeks postpartum! Some women have problems-such as constipation,hemorrhoids,and sore breasts-that last for a while after childbirth. ... the OB at 7 weeks for my Postpartum checkup and there were ... tears and have already lost all my stitches at three weeks I bled for 8 weeks and spotted for 1. Is this normal? I had an episotomy and still tore a great deal. I had my baby 6 weeks ago, me and my partner have tried to have sex, but it hasent felt comftable and really irratated. I am 6 weeks 2 days postpartum and still ... Postpartum bleeding at six weeks? Anyone still have stitches? I am 5 weeks postpartum and still having a fair amount of pain from my stitches (2nd degree perineal tear). 3 weeks out and still have stitches? Many minor postpartum problems can be managed at home. had stitches had sex about 5 or 6 weeks post-partum. I'm 7 weeks postpartum and still have some pain and intense pressure in my perineum. I gave birth 6 weeks ago Sunday and I had an episiotomy and got ... 6 weeks postpartum stitches. This may sound silly but I have my 6 week postpartum check-up on Wednesday. : I recently went and saw my GP for my 6 week Pp check up and she literally didn't even examine me at all.